Vision & Mission:

  • To mainstream the marginalized families in urban as well as rural areas of Gujarat through initiating and strengthening their organisations to address the issues of economic and social exclusion.
  • The focus of the effort is to initiate and nurture democratic organisations of the poor at various levels, which understand, articulate and effectively address the issues of poverty and under development through well-designed development programmes interwoven with human development processes.
  • The approach emphasizes experiential learning through continuous cycle of action and reflection leading to greater awareness, sensitivity and empowerment of all involved including members of VIKAS and people with whom VIKAS works.
  • Learning is the watchword in VIKAS ensuring continuous process of human development and change.

Organisation Structure:
As a part of its development strategy over the years, VIKAS has initiated a group of institutions with specific mandate and mission sharing a common vision. In order to translate its vision, Vikas has set up associate organizations, which include Saline Area Vitalisation Enterprise (SAVE), Lok Vikas Nidhi (LVN), people’s membership based organizations named Janshakti Parishad in Jambusar block, Lok Shakti Parishad in Amod block and Lok Vikas Parishad in Vagra block and Mahisagar Shakti Sangthan in Padra block. The major development programmes of VIKAS in the rural areas are in the field of Human Resource Development through Education, Training and Capacity Building and Support to Organisations of the Poor. In Urban areas the emphasis is on setting up Micro Credit and Social Security Systems.

The Key Concerns of VIKAS Are:

  • Poverty Alleviation, Organisation Building, Training and Education
  • Social Justice for the Poor with Emphasis on Women, Tribals & Dalits
  • Equity of Development Opportunities for the Poor and the Marginalized

Board of Trustees
  Dr. Indira Hirway Trustee
  Mr. Rajesh Shah Managing Trustee
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