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Geographical Coverage


At present VIKAS works in villages of Vagra, Amod and Jambusar talukas of Bharuch district and Patdi & Dhrangadhara talukas of Surendranagar district of Gujarat.

The organization works with about 6000 marginalized families living in 40 villages of Vagra Taluka, 15 villages of Jambusar Taluka of Bharuch District and about 15 villages in Dhrangadhra and Patdi Taluka of Surendranagar District.

The registered office of VIKAS Centre For Development is in Ahmedabad. VIKAS Centre For Development has field offices in Jambusar, Vagra and Dhrangadhra.

Development Philosophy


VIKAS defines development process as a movement from marginalized state of existence characterized by poverty, deprivation and under development to a state of being where all attain better quality of life and live with self-respect, dignity and pride.

The economically marginalized communities include agriculture laborer, small and marginal farmers, fishermen, small salt producers, charcoal makers and industrial workers.

VIKAS plans and implements development programs based on the felt needs of the communities and link them with the resources of Government, Industries and donors.

Environment and institutional sustainability are two key elements of the development strategy of VIKAS. The organization focuses on participation and empowering of local people, particularly women in the implementation of the programs.

VIKAS invests efforts and resources to improve quality of environment as well as build village and area level organizations of local people so that future sustainability of the initiatives is ensured.

Poverty is a complex issue which needs a complex organisational response.

VIKAS, over a period of last 33 years, has evolved from a small organisation into a cluster of organisations collectively attempting the issues of poverty and under-development.

VIKAS, as a part of its development strategy, has facilitated initiation of organisations with specific mandate and mission sharing a common vision.

The role of VIKAS is to initiate and strengthen democratic organisations of the poor at various levels which understand, articulate and address the issues of poverty. It is VIKAS' endeavour to help set up membership based organisations of the poor at block levels, which are owned and controlled by them. In order to achieve this objective, VIKAS has designed decentralised system of operation comprising of Field Support Units in respective blocks and cities supported by Central Support Unit based in Ahmedabad.

VIKAS has also initiated Saline Area Vitalization Enterprise (SAVE) and Lok Vikas Nidhi (LVN) as associate organisations addressing the technological, marketing and credit needs of organisations of the poor.

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