SAHYOG . . .

Sahyog Krishi Vikas Limited:
A farmer led initiative to address salinity through market based enterprise.
An initiative of farmers of Saurashtra & SAVE Ltd.

Initiation of SAHYOG Krishi Vikas Limited:
SAHYOG has been set up in December 2009 as a Limited Company by 170 farmers of Talaja Taluka, Bhavnagar district & SAVE Ltd. The enterprise is a result of two years of work with farmers in salinity affected villages of the taluka. In November 2007, VIKAS initiated the project entitled – Salinity Resource Centre (SRC), with the support of Sir Ratan Tata Trust (SRTT), Mumbai. The focus of the project has been to address the issue of salinity ingress and enhance productivity and profitability of agriculture in the region.

Genesis of SAHYOG Krishi Vikas Limited :
SAVE is associated with coastal regions of Gujarat since 1995. The company was assigned the task of developing a strategic plan for Coastal Salinity Prevention Cell an initiative AKRSP(I), Ambuja Cement Foundation & SRTT, Mumbai, supported by Government of Gujarat .
This was followed by a baseline survey to understand the impact of salinity in 1200 villages of coastal region of six districts of Saurashtra & Kutch.
After this in November 2007, SAVE in association with VIKAS initiated the project - Salinity Resource Centre in Talaja Taluka of Bharuch district. The objective of the three year project was to create knowledge cum commercial services delivery system for farmers which would help them address the issues of salinity and enhance their productivity and profitability as well as improve their quality of land and water resources. Further, the delivery system should be demand and performance driven and commercially viable in long run.

During project period SRC provided services to 2,000 farmers in 30 villages of taluka and introduced concepts of Kishan Shalas (farmer’s school), Kishan Swadhyay Pothi (farmer’s work book) & Salinity soldiers. Through this system SRC introduced low water consuming crops, provided agriculture inputs as well as outputs marketing services etc.

Between, June – November 2009 SAVE Ltd. successfully carried out a trial agri – inputs marketing activity in partnership with 170 farmers from 15 villages of the taluka. For this activity farmers & SAVE pulled equal amount of capital i.e. Rs. 85,000 each. This was used to carry out the business to the tune of Rs. 6,35,000/-. This on an average resulted in savings of Rs. 200/- and profit of Rs. 94/- per farmer. This encouraged farmers & SAVE to set up SAHYOG KRISHI VIKAS (Pvt.) Limited in December 2009. For the above project financial support has been given by Sir Ratan Tata Trust (SRTT), Mumbai.

Present Status of SAHYOG Krishi Vikas Limited :
SHYOG at present has 1500 farmers of Bhavnagar, Rajkot & Bharuch district as share holders and members. Each farmer has deposited Rs. 1,000/- (Rs. 500/- towards share capital and Rs. 500/- towards membership fees).

SAVE would bring in 49% of the total equity of the enterprise.

Total Equity 100%   14,70,588/-
Farmer’s shares 51%   7,50,000/-
SAVE Ltd. 49%   7,20,588/-
With total available funds i.e. Rs. 14.70,588/- as equity + Rs. 7,50,000/- Total Rs. 22,20,588/- SAHYOG is in the process of setting up six agri-malls in following areas of Gujarat
  • Talaja, Dhasa & Tatum in Bhavnagar district
  • Dhedhuki & Jasdan in Rajkot district; and
  • Jambusar in Bharuch district.
These agri-malls would provide commercial services as well as knowledge services to member farmers (on an average 300 farmers per mall).
  • The commercial services would include agri inputs/outputs marketing, sale of implements etc.
  • The knowledge services would include soil & water tests linked with crop planning, market /insurance and weather information & linking services.

Gradually the basket of services would grow and include knowledge services to help set up agri business. All these services would be provided at costs.

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