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Natural Resource Development

Coastal Gujarat:
With 1600 km long coastline, Gujarat has the longest coastline in the country. This distinction also has its disadvantages. In recent decades the region is experiencing degeneration of natural resources. The delicate balance among land water and vegetation is increasingly getting disturbed due to natural and human activities. The growing soil and water salinity, soil erosion, depletion of mangroves are some of the serious problems faced by the region having negative impact on the life and livelihood of local people.

In order to address these concerns SAVE is engaged in:
Restoration and Regeneration of Mangroves, South Gujarat
SAVE in association with VIKAS, an NGO has carried out restoration and regeneration of mangroves in coastal regions of Bharuch and Surat district. The programme was implemented under state-wide Restoration and Regeneration Programme of Mangroves (REMAG), initiated by Gujarat Ecology Commission (GEC), Government of Gujarat and funded by India Canada Environment Facility.
The programme covered about 2000 ha. of area at Dandi village, Olpad taluka of Surat district, Kantiyajal village, Hansot taluka and Nada and Neja villages of Bharuch district.
The programme was further combined with a community based fodder and fuel development initiative, supported by Global Environment Facility through UNDP & Centre for Environmental Education.

Watershed Development Programme
Central Gujarat
SAVE in association with VIKAS implemented watershed development programme in 18 villages of Jambusar taluka and three villages of Amod taluka of Bharuch district. The programme was supported by Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD), Government of India and Government of Gujarat through District Rural Development Agency, Bharuch.

Mangroves regeneration and Wasteland Development Programme, Mithapur, Gujarat
SAVE is currently implementing a mangrove restoration and wasteland development project for Tata Chemicals Limited (TCL) in villages around Mithapur, Jamnagar district.

Salinity Resource Centre (SRC), Bhavnagar district, Gujarat
Following the baseline study covering 1200 villages of six districts of Saurashtra & Kutch, SAVE initiated a programme to address the issue of salinity in costal Bhavnagar. The project is supported by Sir Ratan Tata Trust (SRTT).
The project covering 30 villages of Talaja taluka of Bhavnagar district attempts to address the impact of soil and water salinity on life and livelihood of about 5,000 families.
The three year project attempts to create synergy among various stakeholders engaged in the process and is expected to generate revenue by providing services to primary producers in restoring their

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