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Along the coast of Gujarat, poverty linked with degeneration of natural resources is evident. Large parts of 8.0 million people living along the coast of Gujarat are engaged in low- investment, low-return agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries. In order to achieve twin objectives of regeneration of natural resources and poverty alleviation, SAVE actively works with community based groups and NGOs in setting up livelihood and natural resources regeneration programmes.

Integrated Wasteland Development Programme:
SAVE, since 1998 is working in Jambusar taluka, Bharuch district, Gujarat with eight cooperative societies of agriculture labourers, who are trapped in the perpetual cycle of borrowings and bondage and suffering abject poverty.
Salt Producers, Little Rann of Kutch :
After completion of research exercise on salt industry the company initiated, SABRAS Processing and Marketing (Pvt.) Limited, an enterprise with majority equity (74%) of small salt producers.

SABRAS is different in several ways :
  • Majority equity holders produce salt in harsh sub- human conditions in Little Rann of Kutch.
  • The raw material producers & suppliers for the company are the agariyas having majority equity in the company.
  • Through the company the agariyas have moved one step forward in the value chain.
  • Two marginalized agariyas are members of board of Directors of the company.
Company’s Operations :
  • Procurement of salt from salt pans in Little Rann of Kutch,
  • Transporting and heaping at ganja,
  • Processing, packaging and delivery of salt to consumer company
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